Hiking highlights

Odds are if you have talked to me in the past six-months you have heard about my goal to through-hike the Appalachian Trail. Excited to share that I have committed myself to hiking the trail starting from Georgia in March 2019. Looking for advice from people who have hiked sections of the A.T. (Also, book recommendations are welcome!)  If I have any hiker friends who want to meet up and put in miles with me on my journey, I would love company! 

Here are my favorite photographs from hiking season last year in New England. 

My best experiences and conversations have come from being outdoors. The metal challenge of living in the woods for six months, hiking several miles day-after-day and leaving the comforts that we take for granted is intimidating. However no matter how much I contemplate hiking the A.T. the rewards far outweigh the risks. I have to at least try, right? 

After losing my Aunt Patty this summer I saw just how quickly the gift of life can be returned. Call it a wake up call, turning point or slap in the face but life precious. I’m sure she would roll her eyes and say I am ridiculous for attempting an adventure like this. I also know she would have helped me prepare in anyway that she could and have cheered me on for the hundreds and hundreds of miles. 

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